Day Care Owner Charged With Assault And Endangerment

While caring for three small children, a daycare owner in Massachusetts reportedly struck her husband with a baseball bat while under the influence of alcohol.

Diane Fenton, 58, is being charged with three charges of reckless endangerment of a child. On September 20, at their Walpole home, she reportedly attacked her husband.

According to a police complaint, Fenton’s husband contacted the police that afternoon and said that his wife was following him with a baseball bat. He confronted her when he found her drunk while she was taking care of three children aged six months, three, and four.

The state permitted Fenton to run a daycare out of their residence.

At around 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, police found Fenton on the street. She was using a wooden baseball bat to strike her husband’s arms and body, as revealed in a police statement presented in court. When the police arrived, she put down the bat and grabbed a stun gun before being taken into custody.

The police claim that there is footage from a Ring camera that depicts Fenton’s spouse escaping from the residence while being chased by Fenton, who then attacks him with a bat.

A mother of one of the children under Fenton’s care informed the media that this is a nightmare scenario for any parent. The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families has been notified.

The kids were safely inside the house when the cops came.

According to the police statement, Fenton was sobbing uncontrollably when she saw the baby lying on her stomach on the carpet, but she refused to assist in contacting the children’s parents.

Fenton’s spouse reportedly told authorities that she had a history of alcohol misuse and had shown aggressive behavior toward him in the past. About a year ago, he claimed, she cut him with a knife.

According to a mother of two children there that day, Fenton was regarded as a very kind woman who came highly recommended, and there were no indicators of any issues. She claims her 4-year-old daughter witnessed Fenton whacking her husband with a bat and butterfly garden ornament and was left wondering what had occurred.

Fenton’s court date is set for December. She is not allowed to return to her residence per orders.