Disney Drops Prices To Historic Low

For $1.99 a month, you can subscribe to Disney+ and view all its misfires.

If you sign up for Disney+ before September 20th, you’ll pay $1.99 monthly for the next three months. After that, the monthly fee will go back up to $7.99. You should know that this applies to the commercial-supported Disney+ plan.

That is not much of a savings.

Disney’s most recent woke disasters, like Elemental, the Little Mermaid remake, the failed Marvel series Invasion, and more Star Wars flops, are now available for just $1.99 per month on Disney+. I do not doubt that by year’s end, Disney+ will have included the latest box office bomb, the last of the Indiana Jones franchise with Harrison Ford.

Disney’s plan seems to be to lure in subscribers with a cheap price and keep them as long as possible, in a seeming act of pure desperation. Disney+ is costing Disney billions. The service lost another 300,000 domestic customers in the previous quarter alone.

This results from a children’s brand going bad and prioritizing cultural indoctrination above fun. Not many parents would embrace a children’s media source that promotes drag queens, transgenders, and far-left ideology, not enough to grow a once thriving business.

Disney’s stock price is plummeting. The stock traded at $200 only 2.5 years before Disney began its politicization.

Disney stock was lowered earlier this year. At the time, it cost $89, as seen above. The stock price dropped to a new nine-year low last week. The stock was lowered yet more earlier this week. Experts have given up hope that the price could recover to $146.

The Disney name is in such disfavor with the general public that the company is effectively giving away its material by reducing the price of its services to $1.99 per month.

To preserve itself, Disney just has to return to doing what it does best: making children’s material that upholds moral ideals while safeguarding its target audience’s innocence.