Disney’s Woke New “Lost Boys” To Include Girls 

(NewsHill.org)- Disney has now rewritten Peter Pan to further its awakened agenda to include female characters in the band of Lost Boys. 

The Lost Boys are children who fall out of their prams while the nurse looks the other way, and if they are not claimed in seven days, they have been transported far away to the Neverland. That is where Peter Pan acts as their captain in J.M. Barrie’s original version of the tale. Peter Pan notes that no females are included in the Lost Boys since “they are too bright to fall out of their strollers.” 

With this latest rendition, ironically, the woke Disney is essentially saying that females are now stupid because their upcoming live-action “Peter Pan & Wendy” trailer shows Wendy interacting with the Lost Boys on Neverland. 

She asks one of the boys, whose name she doesn’t get, “Are you,” as they come tumbling down the slope toward her. 

Those are the “Lost Boys,” he says. 

A young woman named “Birdie” proclaims, “Every single one of us.” 

But you’re not all males!” Wendy argues. 

The younger of two sets of identical female twins replies, “So?” 

It’s at this moment Peter Pan is changed forever. 

Six lads make up the Lost Boys in the original Barrie tale. Not in 2023. 

The original Lost Boys had no concept of what a female was. It’s essentially the story’s main argument.  

They secretly (or not-so-secretly) want a mother (even if they don’t know what that is). 

Yet Disney’s progressive, open-minded, diversified executives don’t care about it. They are determined to destroy all traces of the past for virtue signaling and ticking off a list, regardless of the bottom line.