Doctor Gives Biden Only A 50% Chance Of Surviving A Second Term

Fox News medical analyst and contributor Marc Siegel says the future of President Joe Biden’s second term is up in the air.

Biden, 80, is running for reelection while facing questions about his age and criticism for various perceived and actual gaffes. In January of 2029, he would be 86 years old after a second term.

Rather than focusing on Biden’s age, Siegel voiced his concern over his mental capacity during his interview on Fox News Tonight with guest presenter Piers Morgan.

He said he thinks it comes down to mental and physical stamina, to fitness for office. Siegel said the public has a right to information about the 2024 election in the United States. He asked where the MRI and the cognitive tests he’s been asking about for months were. 

Siegel then asked Biden to do a diagnostic exam.

He said he thinks it’s necessary to undertake cognitive testing to show off Biden’s prowess to the public. He noted that Biden has had many brain operations and aneurysms, raising the chance of cognitive decline in the future.

The president, he said, has a 50 percent chance of living through a second term due to Biden’s health problems.

Atrial defibrillation is the most pressing topic, according to Siegal. He says Biden’s pulse is erratic, and he takes medication to control it. 

He noted it is important to remember that a diagnosis of an irregular heartbeat significantly reduces your expected lifespan. Because of his underlying health problems and the need for blood thinners to control his abnormal heart rhythm, he is reasonably likely not to live another term.

During his time as a fervent senator in his 40s and 50s, Piers Morgan said there was a striking contrast between the man and the man who is now the president. 

He called it “really tragic.”