Donald Trump Arrives In Major Swing State 

( Former President Trump left West Palm Beach, Florida, for Iowa, where he will make an announcement about his leadership team for eastern Iowa in the upcoming 2024 race. 

Trump has not visited Iowa since announcing his re-election bid. 

National polls reveal he still leads the pack of Republicans seeking the 2024 presidential nomination. 

The most conservative and influential Republican leaders in a pivotal area of the Hawkeye State have shown their support for  Trump by joining his Eastern Iowa leadership group. 

According to a statement provided by Trump’s team as he boarded the aircraft, the state of Iowa has gone from being a battleground state to a dependable MAGA bastion since Trump was elected president in 2016. 

The people of Eastern Iowa are responding positively to President Trump’s “America First” policies, which will help him secure a landslide win in the Caucuses, it stated. 

Seven hours before Trump was set to speak, a tremendous gathering of supporters queued up in the freezing weather. 

In his speech, Trump stated 2024 would be the last battle, and he promised to destroy the Deep State. In addition, President Trump said he plans to dismantle the Department of Education and return its funds and control to individual states. 

According to Trump’s speech, if elected president in 2024, he has promised to have an agreement with Russia and Ukraine even before taking office. 

He went on to say that, had he been president, the war never would have started.

Trump stated that Russia’s President Putin saw weakness in the United States after the botched Afghanistan retreat orchestrated by the Biden Administration, which led to the tragic loss of thirteen U.S. servicemembers. 

President Donald Trump also promised to immediately cease the incursion on our southern border and keep fighting the left, the GOP elite, and globalist goals. 

According to the report, major polling shows Trump ahead of his Republican challengers for 2024.