Donald Trump To Reinstate Michael Flynn In Power If He Wins

After he canceled his scheduled Iowa rally on Saturday, Donald Trump called into an event hosted by fired national security advisor Michael Flynn where he promised to bring Flynn back to the White House if he is elected president, the Associated Press reported.

Trump had planned to fly to Iowa on Saturday to hold a rally near Des Moines but canceled at the last minute citing possible bad weather. The event was timed to steal Ron DeSantis’ thunder, as the Florida governor had several events in Iowa on the same day. However, as the rally neared, the anticipated crowd never materialized. So when the National Weather Service put out a tornado watch for a region an hour away from Des Moines, Trump pulled the plug citing the brief tornado watch, leaving DeSantis to have the state to himself.

With the rally canceled, Trump called into Flynn’s “ReAwaken America Tour” event held at Trump’s Doral resort in Miami.

During the call, which Flynn shared with the crowd by holding his phone to a microphone, Trump told him to “stay healthy” because “we’re going to bring you back.” Trump told Flynn that he knew “from day one” that Flynn was “somebody very special.”

When asked if Trump planned to bring Flynn into a possible second administration, campaign spokesman Steven Cheung refused to say. Instead, he issued a statement to the Associated Press repeating the Trump campaign’s talking points about draining the swamp and how far ahead Trump is in the polls.

Since the 2020 election, Michael Flynn has been a key Trump surrogate echoing the former president’s claims about the “stolen” election, even once suggesting that Trump should seize the voting machines and order the military to oversee do-over elections in some states.

Flynn launched the ReAwaken America tour not long after the January 6 riot, hosting events every month or so in different cities.

A joint AP/PBS investigation for “Frontline” revealed that Flynn’s group operates as a recruiting tool for a Christian nationalist movement.