Elon Musk’s Tesla Ordered to Fix Air Quality Issues at SF Plant

Over the last several years, the economic problems that the United States has consistently faced have only moved in one direction- from poor to worse.  Since early 2021, rampant inflation has crushed the American middle class. As wages continue to stagnate and Americans everywhere continue to struggle under the burden of higher costs, progressive politicians which dominate politics at the federal level and control the state governments of many places around the country remain largely “out-of-touch” with the regular person. Many continue to outrageously push for electric vehicle mandates that seek to outlaw the sale of gas-powered or diesel vehicles by the mid-2030’s; states like New Jersey and California have already implemented these projections. 

The sad reality is that most Americans cannot afford an electric vehicle, and their reliability and longevity are still seriously questioned. Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla, claimed that the cost of the production of electric vehicles and the growing competition surrounding the company could impact the future success of the pioneering brand. Time will tell what eventually happens. The U.S. automaker has also faced growing competition which has caused the company to lose a large percentage of its dominance in the market. As more and more companies move towards the production and selling of electric vehicles, Tesla has begun to face increased fiscal problems.

Tesla is also a non-union company. In the fall of 2023, when the UAW went on a major strike, Tesla was not involved in the crisis. It is currently the only major US auto manufacturer not to be represented by a union. In a recent development, ABC news reported that the company is now being forced to make changes to its San Francisco Plant as the air quality in the facility has been deemed to be hazardous. The company accrued over 100 violations in the last five years, releasing toxic emissions and jeopardizing the health of its auto manufacturing employees.