England’s Govt. Says Parents Should Be Informed Of Students’ Gender

Over the last several decades, the United States and the western world at large has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war. Indeed, conservatives and progressives have clashed with each other in a spiritual and moral battle to define the culture of America (and that of many other countries). American culture had been traditionally defined by relatively homogenized, western communities in which Christianity was the dominant religion and the traditional nuclear family was the ordinary familial structure.

In the present day, a significant lack of social cohesion in many areas of the United States (most notably in densely populated and ethnically “diverse” regions has resulted at least in part to contributing towards rising social tensions and a decline in a shared sense of community. The nuclear family unit (two parent, married, husband and wife with children under one roof) has also been largely eroded, and in a recent study it has been determined that for the first time in American history the percentage of families that adhere to this structure of operation are in the clear minority. This comes at a time when family values appear to be under assault in many capacities.

In the state of New Jersey, the Democrat controlled legislature and the governor Phil Murphy implemented new pieces of legislation in late 2020 that radically transformed public school curriculum requirements and mandated that students as young as kindergarten aged (5 years old) be taught about controversial LGBTQ and transgender ideologies. Additionally, a new provision mandated that if a student arrived at school and wished to identify as a gender or name other than one given at birth, schools are required by law not to inform parents of this decision. In England, the country’s department for education recently released guidance for schools that mandated that parents should be informed about their children’s decisions regarding “gender identity”. This guidance is in stark contrast to the situation in New Jersey.