Ex-CIA Boss Faces Deposition In Hunter Biden Probe

A high-ranking intelligence officer who said emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop had the “classic earmarks” of a Russian disinformation effort is being called to testify before a key House subcommittee.

The Republican Party has informed the public that the October 2020 letter from 51 retired intelligence officers is an attempt to debunk accusations that Hunter Biden attempted to use his father’s position as vice president to profit himself and his family via overseas business dealings.

Former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell will be deposed on Tuesday before the House Judiciary’s Weaponization of the Federal Government panel.

In his initial letter requesting testimony, Jim Jordan, the Republican Ohio representative,  said that the public declaration was, at best, a reckless effort by the signatories to provide erroneous opinions about the alleged election involvement. At worst, the public statement was a deliberate and coordinated effort to mislead the American people about information relevant to the 2020 presidential election by invoking national security expertise to diminish the allegations about Hunter Biden and suggest they were not factual.

The communication discovered on the president’s son’s laptop was described by Morell and his 50 co-signers as having the “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Many House committees are investigating Hunter’s tax returns, and the Justice Department is conducting a criminal inquiry into the matter.

The New York Post published a piece in the days before the 2020 presidential election that included the first bits from the hard disk left at a Delaware computer repair shop.

The contents of the laptop and the fact that it belonged to Hunter Biden have now been verified by various media sites, including the leftwing partisan newspaper, The New York Times.

Attorneys representing Hunter have contacted local and state authorities to inquire about whether or not John Paul Mac Isaac, proprietor of a laptop repair business, was involved in the dissemination of the laptop’s contents.

In February, Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell argued that the letters seeking investigations “do not confirm” that the laptop belongs to their client.

House Republicans insist that President Joe Biden’s son participated in “influence-peddling” abroad while his father was in office.

Hunter’s behavior has the “classic earmarks” of that being the case.