Ex-Husband Makes Bombshell Claims After Mom’s Video Goes Viral

An emotional TikTok video of Elizabeth Teckenbrock, 29, of Tampa, Florida, crying while making her birthday cake went viral. 

More than 45 million individuals have watched the video. Andrew Cormier, her ex-husband, responded to the video with a number of shocking allegations, including that he has custody of their two young daughters, she seldom sees them, and she is always out.

According to Cormier, Teckenbrock has a history of fraud arrests and was held in August 2023 on charges of third-degree grand theft and possessing cash or deposit items with the purpose of deceiving. 

According to Teckenbrock, she had “no resources, no money” when she left Cormier, who she claims was “out of abuse,” and he was working as a doctor, so she agreed to give him custody of their children. 

On Saturday, she responded to Cormier’s allegations in a video, calling him “extremely abusive.” She then admitted that she did not have legal custody of their children but that she did visit them.

In her lawsuit, Teckenbrock claims that Cormier was “extremely abusive” toward her during their marriage and would “not destroy” her life if she removed all traces of him from social media. She went on the offensive to expose him, claiming he disliked the attention her video was receiving.

Cormier stated he had never harmed Teckenbrock and refuted her accusations. An emotional video of her creating a birthday cake with tears falling from her eyes went viral earlier this week. She received her medical degree from Purdue University, where she also studied surgery.

In response to her accusations, Cormier has promised to provide “straight facts” in the next few days. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has verified a fraud arrest that Teckenbrock has claimed to have committed in the past but is remorseful of.