Families of Sandy Hook Victims Want Alex Jones’ SM Accounts Seized

The infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, for years, relentlessly spread misleading information about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, stating that it was orchestrated. 

The families pleaded for him to stop. He wouldn’t. He amassed a fortune playing to the most susceptible, tin-foil hat-wearing members of the public.

It was all a government plot to seize guns from Americans, he said, and the victims’ families were actors and participants in the game. 

Jones was successfully sued by the families in numerous defamation cases in 2022. Yesterday, a Texas federal bankruptcy judge ordered Jones to liquidate his personal assets. He must use the proceeds to settle his obligations. The judge, however, rejected Jones’s request to dissolve his media firm. 

Victims’ families have moved to seize control of Alex Jones’s online profiles in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. 

Throughout the bankruptcy process, Jones has been attempting to safeguard his assets. He was judged liable for nearly $1.5 billion in damages for his baseless accusations that the 2012 mass massacre was somehow all play-acting, the children were actors, and no one was killed.

Last week, Jones’s family and himself came to terms on the sale of his assets, which included his share in the InfoWars online website. Jones spread unfounded conspiracy ideas on the site. On Thursday, Jones’s relatives filed a court document arguing that the liquidation procedure should encompass his social media accounts so that he cannot use them to launch new businesses.

With 2.3 million followers, Jones’s social media account on platform X is like any other client list of a closed firm, according to the family.

A judge in Houston is expected to move Jones’s case to Chapter 7 bankruptcy during a hearing on Friday. The motion pertaining to the social media accounts will be discussed at this hearing. Jones’s wealth and income can be used to pay out to the families as long as the obligation remains unpaid, which might be for the rest of his life.

Court papers show Jones’s assets, which he claimed to be less than $12 million. This means that no matter how much money he makes by selling Infowars and his other properties, he will still have a mountain of legal debt to pay out.

In December 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, a deranged gunman shot and killed 20 students and six teachers.