Father Killed After Chasing Men Who Stole His Property

Police in Aurora, Colorado, are probing a tragic incident where a man was shot dead while intervening in a suspected theft from his property.

Authorities released a statement indicating a shooting incident on Paris Street in the Del Mar Park neighborhood of Aurora, recorded at approximately 4:39 a.m. local time on Wednesday. On arrival, officers discovered a 49-year-old male in a residence, suffering from a gunshot injury. Despite attempts by officers and first responders to save him, the man, whose identity remains undisclosed, succumbed to his injuries at the spot.

Based on the report, the man and his son were roused by noises, suspecting that two individuals were attempting to steal scooters from their backyard. In confronting these individuals, the culprits reportedly fled the scene on the scooters.

The man and his son pursued the suspects in their truck. Amidst the chase, their vehicle was shot at. Upon their return home, they observed a car passing in front of their residence and firing multiple shots. One of these shots hit the man, leading to his tragic demise.”

The investigation revealed several related scenes, including locations in the vicinity where the stolen scooters were later found.

Although the suspects remain unnamed, authorities have assured the public that there’s no immediate danger.

The police are still investigating the shooting and have pinpointed “several sites related to the incident,” including local yards where the stolen scooters were found.

The suspects remain unidentified and are believed to be on the run. Nevertheless, the authorities have reassured the community that there’s no broader risk to public safety.

Details about the 49-year-old shooting victim are anticipated to be shared by the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office soon.

In a similar incident involving Aurora Police, a man who confronted a purported thief with a firearm was subsequently shot dead by an Aurora police officer attending the scene, per the department’s update. The suspected thief was later taken into custody and issued a court summons. The disagreement centered around a stolen backpack, stated Aurora police.