Fauci Blames Trump, Fox News Host for Hydroxychloroquine Idea

In the United States, since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the general presidential election that occurred during its peak, things have been far from peaceful and tranquil in the nation in nearly every aspect of life in social, cultural, fiscal, and political terms. Inflation has become a rampant problem for most Americans, and it is estimated that 6 out of every 10 citizens are currently living on a week to week, paycheck to paycheck basis. Additionally, more Americans are disheartened than ever before and possess grim outlooks on the nations future and the promises it once stood for. A recent poll reported in an article by Axios shows that nearly half of American citizens believe the American dream is dead, with some saving that it never even truly existed after all.

While Americans struggle to afford basic necessities like groceries, food, and pay rent and energy bills essential to keeping the lights on, political shenanigans continue in Washington D.C.. Both major parties appear to be incompetent, consistently attacking one another and pointing the finger but neither side seems to be capable of cooperating with the other to enact legislation that will actually do the country and its people some good. In a recent report, the former COVID health “czar” Anthony Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat who did prove to be wrong on many issues related to the pandemic and made significant amounts of money during the period claimed that Donald Trump and Laura Ingraham are responsible for fallibly reporting the drug hydroxychloroquine as an effective method to treat the virus. He claimed the president departed from “science”.

Fauci is quick to point the finger at Trump but has yet to take accountability for his own misguided actions. Even the Democrat-turned-independent Robert Kennedy Jr. has claimed that the media must do a better job at “calling out” Fauci for repeated perjuries on air and under oath. The future of America remains uncertain.