FBI Tells Hunter Biden Investigator Not To Speak About Case

The FBI allegedly told a former supervisory agent working on the Hunter Biden probe to ignore some questions from the House Oversight Committee, according to the former agent.

FBI General Counsel Jason Jones sent a letter to deliver the message. The agent’s letter arrived the night before their scheduled testimony. 

According to a letter sent by Jones, the FBI informed that they were counting on the agent to remain silent on matters involving sensitive material that is not yet public. This covered any discussion or inquiry related to law enforcement that was currently underway. 

In response to the former agent’s questions, Jones suggested he contact the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs. 

The FBI attorney was questioned about the continuing investigation involving the president’s son and stated the committee was particularly interested in events in December 2020. 

After the FBI investigated Hunter Biden’s tax problems for a year, Biden eventually acknowledged guilt. This investigation was started because suspicious money activities from China and other countries were found.

As part of a money-laundering probe, the FBI allegedly wanted a laptop and hard drive late in 2019, assuming they belonged to Hunter Biden.

After the 2020 presidential election, Biden said in December that he was the subject of a tax probe. President Biden stated that he takes the allegations against him seriously and is confident that a thorough and objective investigation conducted with the help of experienced tax advisors would demonstrate that he acted lawfully and appropriately.

Members of the Republican Party on the House Oversight Committee claimed that the letter from the former supervisory agent corroborated critical points of the whistleblower’s testimony about alleged political influence by the Biden administration in the inquiry. 

James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky and the committee’s chairman, claimed that the DOJ’s efforts to protect the Bidens demonstrated a double standard. He said he would work for the openness, accountability, and explanations Americans deserve.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said last week that the government is not shielding the Biden family despite reports to the contrary.