FBI’s New “Seminar” Is Raising Eyebrows

The FBI has been in the crosshairs lately as the long-awaited Durham Report has finally been released and doesn’t speak flatteringly of the historic law enforcement agency. 

An FBI whistleblower, Steve Friend, offered a poster tweet about the FBIs hosting an upcoming “Happiness Seminar” scheduled for the end of May. 

Friend resigned from the FBI after witnessing alleged civil rights violations during the January 6 investigation of the events at the US Capital. 

The “Happiness Seminar” has been downplayed by former FBI agents who feel agents would be better served by solving and investigating crimes rather than worrying about their smiles. 

The seminar will focus on three parts. One is how agents can “Discover the power of smiling.” Two, “the effect of doing good deeds,” and following up with “the effect of speaking good words.” 

Friend claims the “woke” culture has weaponized the FBI and that the agency should spend taxpayer dollars more efficiently than acting like a startup tech company. 

Current FBI Director Christopher Wray has asked the House of Representatives for a budget increase of $11.4 billion. Friend wonders how much of that will be spent on employee ” happiness ” training. 

Another former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence, Kevin Brock, noted that the FBI’s secret to happiness is investigating criminals and bringing the guilty to justice. 

Compounding FBI problems is their 50-year-old building which is slowly falling apart. Some workers have said that many prisons are nicer than the current edifice. 

Others feel the building is a resource drain and too big, and if these feel-good seminars are needed. 

Many large companies are moving to Employee Resource Groups (ERG), and the FBI is no exception. ERGs are employee-led informal groups designed to connect employees and explore issues and barriers some groups face.

Some of the groups in the FBI include FBI Family, Latinos for Empowerment Advancement and Development (LEAD), Federally Employed Women (FEW), From Boots to Suits, and their own Toastmasters Club.

The FBI also provides things like the two “Relaxation Rooms” in the Los Angeles FBI Field Office, with white noise and relaxation chairs. 

Nearby is a space for “mindfulness” and “stress management” where FBI employees can access self-help books.