FDA Approves New Booster Shots

Amid a surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations, the head of the CDC on Tuesday approved a proposal that all Americans 6 months and older get the revised COVID booster.

This news comes only one day after the FDA approved the new injection.

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s boosters were designed to combat XBB-related variations, an offshoot of the omicron variety. These variants are now circulating.
The advisory council gave the suggestion and was accepted by director Dr. Mandy Cohen.

Despite this, Dr. Peter Marks, head of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, stated that vaccination is still “important to public health and continuous protection against devastating effects of COVID-19,” such as hospitalization and death.

The message said these revised vaccinations are safe, productive, and high-quality because they have been tested to the agency’s scientific requirements. They strongly recommend that all those who can do so consider getting vaccinated.

The FDA said that delivery of the injections to pharmacies and medical facilities nationwide is scheduled to begin later this week, with substantial availability anticipated to start the following week.

President Biden commented on the COVID booster’s clearance, “Today marks another significant milestone.” He urged Americans to maintain their immunization schedules.

Biden announced that the three primary seasonal respiratory viruses (COPIV-19, influenza, and RSV) now have vaccines, adding that the best way to prevent hospitalization, long-term health issues, and death from COVID-19 is to be vaccinated.

The Food and Drug Administration now recommends giving children five and above one COVID booster shot at least two months after their last dosage.

Each of the newer boosters has been cleared for use in children aged 12 and above, and their use in children aged six months to 11 years is permitted in case of an emergency.

Those between 6 months and four years old who have already been vaccinated may get a booster shot or two from the government. According to the Food and Drug Administration, those not vaccinated at this age may get three doses.