Flight Passenger Told She’s Overreacting After Spotting Taped Window

When a Delta Airlines passenger saw what seemed to be taped-up windows on her aircraft, she freaked out. A flight attendant then accused the passenger of over-dramatizing the situation.

Passengers are understandably anxious due to the recent spate of aircraft accidents; can anyone blame her?

The passenger, whose name is Laura Iu, went on Threads to detail how she took a nap after hearing what she initially believed to be a “whistling sound” emanating from an air vent.

She woke up and realized the wind was coming from outside the plane.

Laura said she noticed that the window seal was fastened with tape, and some air she couldn’t quite identify was creeping in, and it was terrifying.

However, a flight attendant told her she was “overreacting” and that the plane wouldn’t be able to fly if it was a big deal.

After posting a video online of the taped window seal, Iu asked the commentariat what they thought. Was she overreacting?

Different people had different answers to her questions.

One reader informed her that she was fine because there are different layers—it’s not just one window to the elements outside. The commenter claimed to be an aviation expert. He assured her that she needed not to be concerned but admitted understanding how she could be.

Another reader shared a schematic of the airplane’s multi-paned windows.

Many readers felt the airline looked bad using glue, as if the craft were an old wooden model plane, even though there seemed to be no depressurization issue.

One reader had it right when he said the optics are what really count in this case, and planes using glue or tape for repairs do not have a good look.

Another person said not to tell him he is being overdramatic when he notices the plane is held together by tape in this year of Boeings falling apart.

The recent string of Boeing jet disasters—including the door accident at Alaska Airlines last winter and the near crash-landing at Southwest Airlines only two weeks ago—has led to understandable anxiety.