Footage Shows Illegal Immigrants Scaling Border, Attacking Agents

The advancements of aerial footage through drones have been a key tool in homeland security, as well as in fighting counter-terrorism, especially regarding the ongoing U.S.-Mexico border crisis. However, more footage is being released daily showing the brutal and dangerous acts currently going down between the U.S. border patrol agents and migrants attempting to enter America. 

Recent Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter footage has shown a group of illegal migrants attempting to fight their way over the U.S. border against agents, using whatever they can to help reach their goal. The footage was taken earlier this week at the southern border of the U.S. near Santa Teresa, New Mexico. In the footage, migrants can be seen trying to scale the border wall to the American side, where they ran into U.S. border patrol agents trying to stop them. The footage then shows the migrants throwing rocks, bottles, and dirt at agents to fight them off and successfully cross over. The migrants can also be seen in possession of a rope and ladder to help them climb the wall, which agents in the video can be seen attempting to wrestle away from the migrants. Other recent footage has even shown migrants driving a truck into the Rio Grande River to escape border patrol capture.

It is no secret that the Texas DPS has worked effortlessly to protect America from illegal migrants. In the last week alone agents arrested 29 illegal immigrants from a “stash house” in Webb County, Texas. One of the migrants arrested was found to be a part of a violent Mexican gang known as the Tango Blast Gang, who then were handed over to border patrol agents. The Texas DPS has raided over 500 stash houses which in total housed almost 5,000 illegal aliens, under Operation Lone Star which uses drone surveillance along with other tactics to locate illegal migrants.