Fox News Gets Blacklisted By Guest Who Is Boycotting Network

Last week, Fox News contributor Harmeet Dhillon called on Republicans to stop appearing on Fox News to protest the network’s attempt to “silence” Tucker Carlson.

In a Twitter thread last Monday, attorney Harmeet Dhillon called out Fox News for sending Carlson a cease and desist letter over his “Tucker on Twitter” videos.

Last Monday, Axios reported that Fox sent a letter accusing Carlson of breaching his contract by launching his Twitter show. Though removed from the network, Carlson remains locked in a contract with Fox News that includes a non-compete clause until the end of 2024

In a statement to Axios, Dhillon, who along with attorney Bryan Freedman is representing Carlson, said Fox is ignoring its obligation to shareholders and the “interests of its viewers.” She said that Fox News is “doubling down” on its “catastrophic programming decision” to fire Carlson by now “demanding” that he remain silent “until after the 2024 election.”

Dhillon told Axios that Carlson has become one of the most important voices “on matters of public interest,” and would not be silenced “by anyone.”

In her Twitter thread, Dhillon explained that she has been absent from the network due to Fox’s efforts to silence Carlson. She said Fox has become a “censored version of the news” after caving to pressure “from some quarter to silence” Carlson.

She called on Republican lawmakers, GOP officials, “influencers,” and “culture warriors” to follow her lead and stop appearing on Fox, asking if they want to appear on a network that is spitting on views, leaking opposition on its talent, and threatening a former host for speaking on Twitter.

Despite Fox’s demand for Carlson to stop, the former Fox host continues to air videos on Twitter.

Last Thursday, Carlson aired Episode 4 of “Tucker on Twitter,” in which he discussed the controversy prompted by the Fox chyron describing President Biden as a “wannabe dictator.”