Fox News Host Says “We Lose” If 2024 Is About Trump

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe predicted the GOP will lose the 2024 presidential election if Democrats focused the campaign on indicting former President Donald Trump on Monday’s broadcast of Outnumbered. 

Boothe also pointed out that while claiming an “unequal application of the law” in connection with the mishandling of sensitive documents might be a viable strategy for the Republican primary election, it would be less successful for the party in the general election.

Boothe said her guess is that Democrats want to make this election about one person. They’d like to make Donald Trump the main attraction. If this happens, she’s afraid the GOP would lose the election at large because they couldn’t focus on issues that matter to most Americans. 

Boothe started her thinking by bringing up an ABC News poll that showed Trump and Biden had 31% favorability ratings after their arrests. 

The country, she said, “isn’t equal,” and there is too much bias against the ex-president in the media and at the FBI.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republican presidential candidates have spoken out against him, but the vast majority still support him wholeheartedly and have either published their remarks in opposition to the Department of Justice investigation, which Trump has repeatedly called a “witch hunt.” 

Boothe makes the case that the Republican Party has no chance of retaking the White House in 2024 unless and until Trump resolves all his legal concerns.

According to polls, Joe Biden and Donald Trump will likely be their party’s nominees for president in 2024. This might set the stage for a rematch of the contentious 2020 election. The newest data provided Trump’s campaign a much-needed lift after the former president was indicted in New York and Florida on separate issues. However, it will create anxiety among Democratic strategists.

After being accused on 37 charges last Thursday connected to his alleged mishandling of confidential materials after he had left office, Trump is scheduled to be arraigned in a Miami courthouse on Tuesday.

Still, his polling remains high, and many polls show Trump beating Biden in a head-to-head matchup.