Fox News Reports Danger Over Trump: “Caught In A Box”

After Trump’s new comments concerning his alleged mismanagement of sensitive papers, the presenters of “Fox & Friends” expressed worry about the former president’s legal position.

Bret Baier interrogated Trump on Fox News regarding a 37-count federal charge for allegedly knowingly storing secret documents and hindering government attempts to obtain them back.

A federal court had already authorized a Justice Department move to prevent Trump from releasing sensitive data in the case.

Host Brian Kilmeade mentioned the order and quoted Special Counsel Jack Smith’s appeal to the court to remain silent on the case. Kilmeade said he would rather not see the former President discussing what’s contained in these classified papers that might put the former president in jail. 

According to co-host Will Cain, Trump did not disobey the judge’s directions over the course of the interview. He was concerned that Trump’s interview may be used as evidence against him in court, but the political context calls for the former president to address the allegations.

According to a report, Baier’s entire inquiry was an assault on and defamation of the former President.

Baier questioned Trump about the “classified documents” he was said to be keeping at his Mar-a-Lago estate. President Trump noted that former Vice President Pence and then-Vice President Biden (and now President) had secret materials after they had left office.  Biden possessed sensitive information and allegedly allowed it to be passed along to his son Hunter’s foreign business associates for use in illegal overseas transactions.

In an interview with CNN in November 2022, former Vice President Mike Pence said he didn’t have any classified paperwork after leaving office. But reports show that was not true.

A  report suggests that Trump agreed to go on Baier’s show because he has not committed crimes. 

The legal grounds used against him and, more generally, against presidential authority are illogical.   There is no higher authority than the President and no bureaucracy or procedure that bypasses the president’s office.