Fox News Star Reports “Destroyed” Relationship With FBI

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade was fuming after reading the results of the special counsel investigation conducted by John Durham.

The report’s conclusion that the FBI found no factual evidence while investigating if the Donald Trump campaign collaborated with the Russians during the 2016 election was the lead story on Fox & Friends on Tuesday.

Although it appears that no significant criminal charges will result from Durham’s investigation, he has claimed that the FBI and Justice Department failed to carry out their mission of strict faithfulness to the law regarding certain instances and conduct described in the report.

Ainsley Earhardt was driven to call out the whole Trump-Russia investigation as political slander.  Both Earhardt and Kilmeade dug into the investigation’s history, with Kilmeade indicating that there was a double standard as he stressed the long-term impact of the Russia investigation on Trump’s political career.

Kilmeade warned that this action would devastate lives and harm U.S. ties with Russia. Think about how much more might have been achieved if Donald Trump had been regarded as a regular president instead of a convicted criminal throughout his presidency.

According to the Conservative Treehouse,  there is other infuriating news found in John Durham’s report.

In his 316-page analysis, John Durham lays out in great detail how the Trump-Russia story is a fabrication. But why wasn’t the same evidence uncovered by the special counsel inquiry on Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann, which was based on and justified by the bogus Trump-Russia narrative? 

According to Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse, Durham ignored the document. 

This is because Durham was aware that Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann had been put in place by the FBI,  DOJ, CIA, and other U.S. intelligence agencies to cover up their initial fabrications.  

Sundance suggests that the primary purpose of Mueller’s investigation was to conceal Obama’s weaponization of the investigation against Trump.   Because of this, Durham avoided touching it at all costs.