German Police Raid Properties Of Known Hamas Supporters

Hundreds of German police officers last Thursday searched the properties of Hamas members and supporters following the German government’s formal ban on all Hamas activity or support, the Associated Press reported.

On November 2, the German government imposed the ban on Hamas and also dissolved the group Samidoun, which was behind the celebration in Berlin following the October 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel.

According to the German domestic intelligence service, there are approximately 450 Hamas members in Germany whose activities range from vocal support and propaganda to fundraising and financing to help boost Hamas abroad.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said by imposing a ban on activities from Hamas and Samidoun, Germany is “continuing our consistent action against radical Islamists.” Faeser said the German government has sent “a clear signal” that it will not tolerate the “glorification or support” for Hamas over its “barbaric” attack against Israel.

The raids, most of which were in Berlin, were part of the government’s enforcement of the ban and its continued investigations of Samidoun and Hamas, according to Faeser.

In last Thursday’s raid, 500 officers searched 16 properties in Berlin as well as Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Schleswig-Holstein.

Eleven of the 16 locations were in Berlin alone, where 300 officers seized assets and evidence during the searches. Seven of the properties were linked to Hamas while four were linked to Samidoun. Most of the properties were homes of supporters or locations belonging to Palestinian associations.

Just days earlier, police in the southern state of Bavaria raided 17 homes of individuals accused of antisemitic hate speech and threatening Jews online.

In mid-November, German police raided 54 locations throughout the country as part of an investigation into a Hamburg-based group suspected of supporting Hezbollah.

Interior Minister Faeser defended the raids, noting that Hamas supporters and members in Germany are committed to influencing Germany’s political and social discourse. She warned that antisemites and Islamists “must not feel safe anywhere” in Germany.