“Ghost Town” Bud Light Video Is a Warning for Woke Companies

Once again, we have a video demonstrating the backlash against Anheuser -Bush’s top-selling brand “Bud Light.” 

Fenway Park is the home of the legendary Boston Red Sox baseball team, and a fan and TikTok user, Luis Tejada, made a video of an empty Bud Light concession stand at a game between the Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. This half-minute video has garnered over 1.2 million views and over 8,900 comments. 

Tejada’s video also showed nearby stands filled with hungry and thirsty fans but a ghost town at Bud Light stands, claiming this reaction was similar at every Bud Light stand in the park. 

Bud Light fans reacted negatively when Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney after he celebrated his first year as a woman. 

This partnership resulted in a $5 billion market value loss, plus two market executives at Anheuser-Bush stepping down from their positions, and a nationwide boycott of Bud Light beer ensued. 

Brewery management tried to quell the outburst by calling the backlash “overblown.” But many bars and distributors complained about the slumping sales and reduced orders or stopped carrying Bud Light altogether.

Bush ownership claimed an outside agency made the Super Bowl ad that caused the boycott without anyone in authority approving the ad or even being aware of its creation. This ad blunder was their reasoning for replacing two marketing executives involved in the errant advertising. 

The CEO decried that separation of the country is not their aim but to bring people together over a beer. The new marketing team put out a patriotic ad ridiculed by both media and former Bud Light customers as being patronizing and embarrassing to the company. 

Further efforts to overcome their newly acquired “woke image” executive at Anheuser-Bush is offering a free case of beer (no mention of the brand name) to their wholesaler network of employees. 

Industry insiders are sending a message to Bush executives that their “compass is broken.”