Google Realizes Blacking Out Reddit From Search History Was Wrong

According to a report, as a consequence of the widespread blackout that occurred when people protested against Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” the caliber of Google search results for users seeking effective solutions to problems plummeted. Executives at Google have concluded that customers are not happy, and as a result, they are making frantic efforts to enhance their search engine.

CNBC claims that in light of the recent Reddit outages, Google is making desperate efforts to enhance its search experience. The IT giant implemented the new “Perspectives” feature in response to customer complaints.  Google’s senior vice president overseeing searches, Prabhakar Raghavan, said they heard user complaints about the Reddit outages. 

In response, Google has introduced a feature called “Perspectives.” Among the many social media sites that will have their forums and videos shown by this feature are Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, and Quora. The goal is to improve the search process, particularly when popular discussion boards like Reddit are down.

The report shows many major subreddits went private in response to Reddit’s proposal to impose fees on developers for data access, causing the site to temporarily go dark. Users often add “Reddit” in their searches to discover materials on specific subjects. Therefore, this change has a significant influence on Google’s search results pages.

Besides “Perspectives,” Google is looking at additional techniques to improve search results. To deliver more nuanced and natural-sounding responses to textual questions, they are conducting experiments with generative artificial intelligence. They have a new feature under testing dubbed “Search Generative Experience,” but it’s not accessible to the public yet.

According to a report, Raghavan said the organization is investing significant time in AI, but it is not the sole solution. Generative AI is one component, but it won’t completely solve this issue.   He said they have squads that conducting experiments, along with Perspectives. He added that they have to do a better job of dealing with these new and emerging needs.