GOP Leader Says Many People Are Profiting Off Ukraine War

Republican Ohio Senator JD Vance appeared on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Tuesday to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative’s return and involvement in Ukraine.

Vance brought up the idea that in the coming years, we will discover that many people, groups, corporations, politicians, and institutions have benefitted financially from the Ukrainian war.

As FNC host Jesse Watter put it, ‘When you see this news about the Clinton Global Initiative Ukraine Action Network and famous Hollywood actors getting involved, and the World Bank is laundering American taxpayer money through the CGI into Ukraine, it could be on the up and up— but it also seems a little eyebrow-raising given the Clintons’ reputation.’

We all saw how the Clintons exploited Haiti, with Haitian people famously despising CGI and anything related to the Clintons.

Vance agreed, saying in five years, it will be apparent that many people, including the Clintons, American private equity firms, and other worldwide corporations, have significantly gained from the situation. This is regrettable and immoral since the Ukrainians did not initiate the conflict.

The Senator said there can be no doubt that the ruling classes in Washington (or rich men north of Richmond) and New York City are ready to amass more significant influence and wealth at the expense of the Ukrainian people through the ongoing war. He said those who can’t see this for what it is are not open to the truth. Vance said this is why we must address the tough questions about how long this can go on.

Vance said that half of Ukraine has already been destroyed. Do we allow it to continue, which helps American businessmen and politicians amass riches and power in Ukraine?

He said people should be wary and concerned about investors and that they are highly interested in entering another impoverished country.