GOP Rep Says Deal Will Be Made With Dems If GOP Can’t Unify

On Sunday, Republican Representative Mike Turner warned that a deal with Democrats for a speaker of the House might be necessary if his party did not unite around Rep. Jim Jordan or another Republican member.

Ohio Republican and House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner told “Face the Nation” that conservative Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan should replace McCarthy. South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace made a similar statement.

Mace was one of eight Republican House members who voted with the Democrats to ouster McCarthy as Speaker in a historic uprising in response to McCarthy’s dependency on Democrats to pass appropriations to avoid a government shutdown.

Since McCarthy was removed, Turner claimed the House has been unable to function normally.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan of the White House stated earlier that the Biden administration would ask Congress for more than $2 billion in aid for Ukraine and Israel all at once.

Turner termed the paralysis of Congress until a new House speaker is elected “a tragedy.” Turner feels Jim Jordan of Ohio would be an excellent speaker. He argued that if not, there are other people to choose as a leader of the House.

He also said there will have to be a deal made with Democrats if a handful of people on the Republican side make it hard for us to get back to work in the House.

According to a report, after a second round of votes for House Speaker, two additional Republicans pledged to stay aligned with the Democrats and support the UniParty’s goals in Washington, DC.

According to a Conservative blogger, certain Republicans’ removal of their masks is good, and it’s the best thing that’s come out of this dynamic, at least so far.

Republicans who previously supported Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment push against President Trump are now up to their old tricks again. The UniParty is on full display, and Sunshine is the best antiseptic.