GOP Rep Says Party Is Not Taking Orders From Trump

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Rep. Scott Perry addressed claims made by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries that former President Donald Trump is pushing for President Joe Biden’s impeachment. Perry emphasized that he and his fellow members of Congress prioritize the needs and opinions of their constituents above all else.

Perry dismissed Jeffries’ claims, stating that he had not received any such order and would only follow the instructions of his constituents. He also highlighted the previous impeachment proceedings against Trump, which he believed lacked evidence and were conducted in a classified setting where fabricated proof was presented. Perry argued that Democrats should refrain from making baseless accusations and allow the evidence to be submitted before voting.

The congressman also drew attention to the disparity in the treatment of Trump’s adult children and Biden’s son, Hunter. Trump’s children had been subjected to lengthy depositions, while Hunter Biden only appeared on the day of his scheduled deposition, failing to show any commitment to the investigation. Perry criticized the Department of Justice for its lack of action in Hunter Biden’s case, suggesting that there would have been immediate arrests if the situation had been reversed and involved Donald Trump Jr.

Perry asserted that there is substantial evidence against President Biden, with more coming to light. He referenced suspicious activity reports, multiple checks, LLCs, shell companies, and the origin of funds from Chinese companies. Perry criticized Democrats and the administration for dismissing this evidence because the check memos indicate “loan” instead of “bribe from a Chinese company.” He argued that the money ultimately went to President Biden from China.

Regarding the impeachment inquiry, Perry stressed that its approval indicates probable cause to investigate President Biden further. He expressed frustration with the stonewalling from agencies like the FBI and the IRS and the Department of Justice’s refusal to provide information to Congress for a legitimate investigation. Perry deemed this situation absurd but emphasized that it was necessary to pursue the truth.

In conclusion, Rep. Scott Perry challenged claims about Donald Trump’s involvement in President Joe Biden’s impeachment and highlighted the need for evidence-based decision-making. He called for transparency and accountability in the investigation, urging Democrats to set aside partisan biases and consider the facts objectively.