Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Issues Strict Dress Code

World-famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant of the same name has kindly asked guests to keep up with their dress code policy by avoiding athletic and relaxed clothing. The three Michelin star restaurant is doing so by understanding most of their guests prefer to dress classier when dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and want to continue to make those guests feel at home. 

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay of London, England, is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city, not to mention one of the most famous due to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay inspiring and founding the eatery. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay politely asked guests to avoid clothing items such as hoodies, shorts, and tracksuits, while still understanding that guests should feel free to express their styles. The new dress code policy has been enforced more so within the past year, as guests can now find the advice presented before them while they make an online reservation to the restaurant.

The closing statement of the policy suggests that most guests prefer to dress “smartly” which the company intends to keep by ultimately wanting to make all guests feel comfortable when dining. 

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the famous chef’s first solo venture into the business, as it was founded in 1998 and received three Michelin stars, which remain today. One of the most famous dishes served is the Cornish Turbot, as well as the Herdwick Hogget which are priced at 180 euros. 

However, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is not the first high-end restaurant to take action about what is acceptable to wear during a fine dining experience. A luxurious chic restaurant called the Sexy Fish, which is a popular place for celebrities to eat in Miami, once denied pop singer Jess Glynne for wearing a hoodie. Glynne strongly criticized Sexy Fish calling their decision “pure discrimination”. Many online commenters however sided with the fine restaurant that is known for its strict dress code