Government Suggests UFO Sightings Can Be Explained

A government investigation into hundreds of UAPs concluded that in the future, “ordinary phenomena” will likely account for the “unidentified and aberrant nature” of most UFO claims.

There have been 801 sightings of UAPs reported so far, 291 more than from August 31, 2022, to April 30, this year. There are now 801 reported UAP sightings. Over several decades, the Pentagon and intelligence agency officials have scrutinized both military and civilian accounts of UFO encounters.

The Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence worked together on Wednesday’s report, released to the public due to recent legislation passed by Congress. This investigation is the first of its type. In addition to legislation passed by Congress, the United States government disclosed its first intelligence assessment on UAPs in June 2021. There were 144 examples listed in the study. We only got an explanation for one of them.

When assessing and integrating the hundreds of sightings it receives, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is making progress. The study concludes that “gaps in domain awareness” are the key reason why the number of events AARO is looking into keeps growing. Lack of sensor data and other technological and mechanical issues are “gaps in domain understanding.”

More than a hundred events reported to the Federal Aviation Administration are currently being evaluated, although reports involving military sites and airspace continue to make up a disproportionately large fraction of all reports being probed.

The majority of UAPs will likely turn out to be ordinary occurrences, despite their unidentified and strange nature, due to the success in solving cases so far and the improvement in the quality of the data that has been acquired.

Although UFOs and UAPs in the sky are a “possible concern,” the Defense Department stressed that none of the reported incidents included objects that were “unsafely close” to military planes.

In a strange, contradictory statement, NASA has concluded that the UAPs are not extra-terrestrial, but it’s not known what they are.