Greg Gutfeld Loses Control After Statement By Costar

Greg Gutfeld “went off” during a segment of Fox News’ “The Five” when Geraldo Rivera, the network’s prominent liberal commentator, said that he was going to buy an electric Bentley, according to The Western Journal. The panel was reportedly discussing President Biden’s plan to coerce Americans into buying electric vehicles. 

In an attempt to force gas-powered vehicles off the road, the administration recently proposed new restrictions on pollution that will require about two-thirds of vehicles to be electric by 2032. But some are voicing their concerns on the issues associated with electric vehicles, such as the exploitation of workers in Africa who mine for cobalt. 

That is what Gutfeld brought up when he accused Geraldo of telling the audience to “suck it” by suggesting that they will have to front the costs of going electric. Geraldo tried to counter by saying their cancer will cost more, but Gutfeld was not having any of it. 

He responded and accused Geraldo of not having the numbers to back that claim up. 

“The green movement is tied up in knots right now,” Gutfeld continued as he tried to push the segment along. “Electric cars exploit cheap human labor in Africa and China. The climate predictions are falling apart. The smart folks are flocking to nuclear and identity politics stole the thunder from the climate agenda.”

Climate change activists have resorted to unsustainable options after years of predicting doom. In January, American Pigeon reported that a “geoengineering” startup was emitting sulfur dioxide-containing balloons into the Earth’s atmosphere to counter global warming. The CDC states that sulfur dioxide can be life-threatening if concentrated in 100 parts per million. 

The startup admits that its efforts have only made a slight improvement. Twitter users have asked about starting a class-action lawsuit.