Haunted Rocking Horse Goes Up For Sale 

A “haunted” toy rocking horse which, folklore has it, magically moved from one room to another throughout the years, is up for grabs.

The psychic’s great-granddaughter is selling a wooden toy from the early 20th century on the belief that it was used by the psychic, Dick Godden, to help summon spirits.

The vendor said that when she was “just 15 years old,” her mother took her to her first séance, implying that spiritualism was practiced often in their home.

Rocking horse owner “Kelly,” who asked that her real name not be used, alleges that she can’t find a buyer because of the spooky rumors surrounding the toy.

She says her family has had the same gray-dappled pony for decades, but her daughter, now ten years old, has little interest in the animal.

The haunted rocking horse is the same one her great-grandmother would leave on the landing and mysteriously appear in a different room when she returned.

Kelly professes to be a Christian but was formerly involved in spiritualism. She explained that her growing faith in Christianity motivated her to free herself of the spectral pony.

She says she often hears a heavy thumping from above, even though the horse hasn’t been spotted on the landing for some time.

Her great-grandfather Godden grew to believe that a little girl named Angela was playing with the toy horse after he supposedly “raised” the girl’s soul during a séance.

The rocking horse is up for auction on July 30 and is expected to fetch between £200 and £300 ($257 and $386).

In addition to dimensions and a brief description, the following information can be found in the Canterbury Auction Galleries transaction synopsis- The vendor’s grandpa was a trance medium and ghost hunter in the 1940s, and the horse was frequently used in his séances.

A spokeswoman for the auction company said that the supernaturalness of the item had not influenced the estimate.

The item could be one of several that can be found on the auction house’s website.