Hillary Clinton Admits Putin’s Invasion Happened Because Nobody Stopped Him Last Time

A Canadian outlet reports that former Secretary of State during the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, said in Ottawa that the world failed to adequately react to Russia’s previous invasion of Ukraine.

Clinton said that not taking action against Russia now would be disastrous in regards to unleashing Chinese aggression, she claimed.

While speaking as a keynoter at the Liberal policy conference in Ottawa, Clinton emphasized the need to put a stop to Russia.

To examine the risks to human rights and democracy in the US and Canada, Clinton was joined on stage by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Clinton said that after the 2008 invasion of Georgia by Russian President Vladimir Putin, we only lectured. We were against it, but no one did anything about it. Just consider the lesson that Putin learned from it.  A year later, in 2014, Putin invaded Ukraine for the first time, and again we wished he wouldn’t do it, but we’ve got other things we had to give attention to.

A report reveals that last year, on the subject of Russia’s 2014 takeover of Crimea from Ukraine, a senior Pentagon nominee for the Biden Administration slammed the Obama administration’s reaction as too slow during her confirmation hearing.

Senate Republicans and Democrats interrogated Obama’s top Russia advisor in 2014, Celeste Wallander, over the history and prospects of U.S. military assistance to Ukraine. 

Nominee for the position of assistant secretary of defense for global security issues, Wallander argued that the decision not to supply weapons to Ukraine was incorrect.

Former President Donald J. Trump told Fox News this week that he and Russia’s Vladimir Putin had a cordial but firm relationship.  Trump recalled warning him not to attack Ukraine.

Trump claimed with conviction that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin would’ve stepped back if he were to have been re-elected.  Sean Hannity of “Hannity” pointed out that Putin invaded after President Joe Biden entered office.

Trump said it was because Putin knew he shouldn’t test him.