Hollywood Celebrities Sign Open Letter Against Bullying in Industry

Harassment in the entertainment industry is no secret. It is an unfortunate issue that has occurred far too many times in the past, as it often goes unnoticed due to many incidents happening privately behind the scenes. Many well-known actors and actresses have faced severe harassment, even assault, that has ruined lives and careers. The victims surrounding serious cases such as the Harvey Weinstein case or the recent Dan Schneider allegations are seemingly just the tip of the iceberg of what has gone on in the industry for decades. Now, it seems as though actresses and actors are putting their foot down and standing up to harassment in their high-profile workplaces. 

Recently, a handful of popular Hollywood actresses have created a watchdog authority that they are planning to fund by the persuasion of a detailed letter that reveals the harassment that goes on behind the scenes. Famous actresses such as Keira Knightley and Ruth Wilson are just a few who have signed an open letter that will shed light and prevent further bullying and harassment in the entertainment industry. The new watchdog which the letter urges firms to fund is called the Creative Industry Independent Standards Authority, or CIISA for short. The letter opened by stating that bullying and harassment allegations in the industry continue to surface and that the new watchdog authority is “very necessary” for change. 

Actresses Naomie Harris and Carey Mulligan are a few who have signed the letter. Male actors such as Guy Remmers and Joshua McGuire have also signed the letter to show their support. Large corporations such as BBC, Sky, and Viacom have paid funds to support the new cause. 

A recent report from the Bectu trade union stated that 92% of workers in the creative industry have witnessed or experienced harassment in the workplace. Head of Bectu Phillipa Childs stated that it is no secret that harassment is prominent in the entertainment industry.