Hollywood Star Jeremy Renner Recounts Horrific Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner, known for his role in The Avengers, recently shared a terrifying incident during the filming of Knives Out 3. He was struck by a massive snowplow weighing 14,300 pounds on January 1, 2023, in Reno, Nevada. Renner described the incident as a rollercoaster accident, with two powerful forces colliding, resulting in a cracked skull. 

He showed off his scars in a shirtless photo, highlighting a noticeable mark beneath his right shoulder blade.

Despite the distressing events, Renner expressed relief that his skull didn’t completely fracture and continued to work on his recovery. He experienced severe injuries to his cheekbone and eye socket, even causing his eye to protrude. He struggled to breathe and struggled with the pain of 14 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung.

Renner focused on his breathing while waiting for emergency medical technicians to arrive and help him. He also discussed the uphill climb he faced, from taking a shower to using the bathroom, and how medications prescribed to reduce the need for frequent bathroom trips can sometimes cause constipation. He had to use a plastic jug for urination, which was a dreadful experience.

Jeremy experienced a multitude of injuries, including fractures in 38 different bones all over his body, including his ribs, knee, ankles, pelvis, face, and hands. He also suffered from a collapsed lung, a punctured liver, and a severe laceration to his head.

Despite the challenges, Renner managed to recover his health and maintain an optimistic outlook. He expressed his desire to do better in life and not have high expectations.

In addition to his film roles, Renner has also landed several television gigs, including the Hawkeye series on Disney+ and his outstanding performance on Mayor Of Kingstown. 

Unfortunately, his career took an unexpected and alarming turn on January 1, 2023, when he was hit by that massive snowplow while trying to shield his nephew.

Renner underwent an intense recovery process that lasted for several months, documenting his journey on social media. His ribcage and one eye socket were stabilized with metal plates, and a titanium rod was surgically attached to his broken left shin. Despite feeling stiff and needing oil for his new joints, Renner remains motivated.