House Leader Slams Biden For Obvious Lies

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) has formally declared that President Joe Biden lied about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business transactions.

Emmer stated that Joe Biden had lied to the American people regarding his involvement in his son’s illicit business dealings. The influence-peddling schemes of the Biden family continue to grow, and the level of corruption is reaching unprecedented levels. Emmer said he has complete confidence in the House investigators to uncover the truth.

After Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee, Emmer stated the obvious- that Archer and Hunter Biden are business partners and that Hunter frequently connected then-Vice President Joe Biden to business associates over the phone to promote “the brand,” doing so on over twenty occasions.

The operation also involved a foreign corporation paying Biden’s son to protect the company from legal issues.

After the hearing, Republican James Comer of Kentucky, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, issued a statement, saying the evidence presented by Devon Archer suggests that Joe Biden was not truthful to the American people regarding his knowledge of his son’s business operations and his involvement in them. 

Joe Biden was “the brand” his son marketed globally to increase the family’s wealth. During Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President of the United States, he had approximately 20 interactions with his son Hunter’s international business partners, which included meals and conversations, either in person or by telephone. 

Archer mentioned that Burisma officials instructed Hunter to contact D.C. after a Burisma board meeting in Dubai. The incident happened when Burisma’s owner faced scrutiny from the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company for misconduct. 

Archer also mentioned that Burisma Holdings would have closed down without the Biden brand.

Former President Donald Trump recently referred to President Joe Biden as the most corrupt president we’ve ever had.

Hopefully, this will one day be decided by a formal trial.