House Speaker Calls For Immediate Action On Israel

During a news conference on Thursday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R) discussed his party’s intentions to push a $14.3 billion support package for Israel and emphasized that Congress must not waste any time in providing the assistance Israel needs.

On Monday, the Republican conference unveiled their plan, separating money for Israel from President Biden’s national security supplemental budget request, which included $60 billion for Ukraine.

The Congressional Budget Office claims that Johnson’s proposed changes to the Internal Revenue Service, which he claims would help save money, will instead add to the national debt.

Johnson indicated this is the Republican agenda for the House. It will be done quickly, and it will provide Israel with the tools it needs to protect itself, rescue its citizens held captive by Hamas, and ultimately wipe out the terrorist organization.

The commitment to our ally will be partly funded by efforts to guarantee reasonable spending and shrink the federal government’s scale. We must act quickly to provide Israel with the assistance it needs.

The Speaker said on Fox News Sunday that it makes sense to pair aid for the US border with aid for Ukraine. Johnson has said that protecting the borders is a priority.

Some Democrats charged on Saturday that Republicans are attempting to use the two conflicts as a way to sidestep Congress and impose their harsh, cruel immigration agenda.

It’s about advancing the agenda and top objectives of the American people, Speaker Johnson told “Fox News Sunday” host Shannon Bream. Protecting the country’s borders is a top concern for Americans. The general public is aware that we must defend our own borders before we can do anything about securing Ukraine’s.

Johnson noted a growing unanimity in Congress, particularly among Republicans, that conditions must change. Since President Biden took office, over 6.3 million unlawful border crossings have occurred.

The Speaker said we have reached a breaking point. We will put an end to human trafficking, fentanyl coming across the border, and the gangs earning billions off our backs.