How Biden Was Shielded During Son’s Investigation

New testimony from two IRS agents has revealed that any potential leads pointing towards Joe Biden were deliberately ignored during the Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden. IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler testified before the House Ways and Means Committee, claiming they were instructed not to pursue any leads that could implicate the former vice president.

Ziegler testified that questions regarding Joe Biden were “off the table,” and he was not allowed to ask the questions that could have potentially implicated the former vice president. Shapley echoed this sentiment, stating that they would have followed leads between father and son in any routine investigation, such as financial transactions and email correspondences. However, they were prohibited from doing so in this case.

One particular email chain mentioned by Shapley involved a remark by James Gilliar, one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, which referred to “10 held by H for the big guy.” Shapley expressed concern over the attempts to confuse or conceal the “big guy” identity and the possibility of funds going to him. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to investigate further.
The House Oversight Committee released messages between Gilliar and another business associate, Tony Bobulinski, urging him not to mention Joe Biden’s involvement in a joint venture proposal with a Chinese energy firm. Bobulinski even confirmed in an FBI interview that he had met with Joe Biden to discuss this proposal. Bank records also showed a $40,000 check from Joe Biden’s sister-in-law, Sara Biden, to Hudson West III, a business arrangement involving Hunter Biden and Chinese associates.

Despite these revelations, the White House has repeatedly maintained that the money was repayment for a loan Joe Biden had sent to his brother, James Biden. However, the fact that Hudson West III brought in nearly $1 million for Hunter Biden in 2017 cannot be ignored.

The IRS whistleblowers’ testimony also highlighted allegations of special treatment given to Hunter Biden during the DOJ investigation into his taxes and firearms possession. House Republicans released a report confirming these allegations. Additionally, Shapley disclosed a threatening text sent by Hunter Biden to a Chinese business associate, where he invoked his father’s presence.
Both whistleblowers also raised concerns about Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf’s alleged efforts to prevent Joe Biden from being included in a search warrant for lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies. Email metadata revealed private conversations between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business associate Eric Schwerin, conducted using an apparent alias.

Despite overwhelming evidence, Joe Biden has denied meeting with his son’s foreign business associates and claimed he was not involved in his son’s business dealings. However, the contradictions and mounting evidence paint a different picture.