Hunter Biden’s Defense Threatened To Put Joe On The Stand

Politico reported last weekend that Hunter Biden’s attorney last year threatened to place Joe Biden on the witness stand if the Justice Department brought charges against Hunter for his illegal purchase of a firearm.

According to Politico, after reports were leaked last October that prosecutors believed they had ample evidence to charge Hunter with a felony gun crime, his attorney Chris Clark wrote a letter to David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, claiming that the leak was illegal.

In the October 2022 letter, obtained by Politico, Clark wrote that Joe Biden would “unquestionably” become a “fact witness for the defense” in a criminal trial and claimed that the case does not justify “the spectacle of a sitting President testifying” and the “Constitutional crisis” that would result.

Clark also warned Weiss that charging Hunter would damage the public’s trust in the Department of Justice. He argued that the president’s son did not use the illegally purchased gun to commit a crime, nor did he purchase another gun. He maintained that no drug user in Delaware has ever been charged with a felony under similar circumstances.

Clark noted that federal law enforcement knew of Hunter’s illegal gun purchase since 2018 and suggested that the only reason prosecutors were considering charging Hunter years later was due to the “relentless political pressure” from President Biden’s opponents.

Strikingly, Clark also cited the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen in which the court held that gun restrictions must adhere to the country’s Second Amendment heritage and tradition. He told Weiss that there are no gun laws prohibiting gun ownership due to drug addiction.

Weiss initially agreed to a plea deal that would have allowed Hunter to avoid the felony gun charge without entering a guilty plea. However, after the deal fell apart, Weiss did charge Hunter.