Hunter Biden’s Story Dismissed As ‘Hollywood Script’

On Tuesday, prosecutors responded to Hunter’s plea to dismiss the case by submitting a document in Delaware court, claiming that Hunter’s notion is nothing more than a Hollywood work of fiction, a script destined for a screenplay.

The younger Biden’s memoir, due out in 2024, details his struggles with substance abuse and addiction, and the 52-page document makes several allusions to this book. Hunter describes the 2018 decision to purchase a handgun in his book. He was in the middle of a deal when a narcotics dealer swung a revolver at him. At the time, Hunter was battling an addiction to drugs, namely crack cocaine. The document also revealed that the prosecution found cocaine in the pouch that Hunter used to carry his pistol. His ex-girlfriend later dumped the bag in a public parking lot after discovering it in his open vehicle.

The prosecution has pointed out that Hunter’s legal team failed to substantiate their allegation of political persecution by naming other people involved in comparable crimes but were not subject to prosecution.

On Tuesday, prosecutors addressed Hunter’s contention that he is immune from charges related to narcotics possession by submitting a response to his Second Amendment rights. If a person’s possession of a weapon makes them a danger to the public, the Department of Justice has said that the right to bear arms might be temporarily revoked.

Special counsel David Weiss of the Department of Justice indicted Hunter Biden in September 2023. In 2018, when purchasing a firearm, the president’s son reportedly lied on a government form. The indictment was handed out when a District Court judge rejected Weiss’s plea agreement negotiations for Biden in the summer of 2023 after further investigation.

The United States District Court in Delaware received a four-page indictment in September last year. The complaint states that in October 2018, Hunter Biden allegedly obtained a Colt Cobra revolver by knowingly providing a dealer with a fraudulent and fictional written statement.

Several Republicans have accused Weiss, who has been in charge of the lengthy case against the younger Biden since late 2018, of obstructing the investigation because of the defendant’s alleged ties to the president.

The deadline for filing a federal firearms case was approaching before the indictment in September.

The defendant, Hunter Biden, has pled not guilty.