Hunter Investigation Continues As Plea Deal Falls Apart

After Hunter Biden’s plea deal went underwater, he pleaded “not guilty” of two misdemeanor tax counts, according to Fox News. Biden was reportedly expected to get off lightly with the plea deal and get the charge of possession of an illegal firearm dropped, but U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika had some reservations about the constitutionality of such an agreement. 

While liberal media continues to point out that the judge was appointed by then-President Donald Trump, her main contention in giving the two parties more time to hash out a deal stems from her reservation that as it stood, she would have to act as an arbiter if he violated it. Noreika said that the judiciary should not be in the business of prosecuting, as that is a role reserved for the executive branch. 

She asked Hunter how he pleads without him knowing whether or not she will accept the agreement or not. He pleaded “not guilty.” But Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, said that the reason they formulated the agreement deal around the judge was to prevent the case from becoming politicized, suggesting that a Republican president might unfairly target the president’s son. 

The judge also asked the prosecutors whether there may be future charges against Hunter, to which they answered that there were active investigations into him. They did not make it clear what those investigations entailed. The plea deal, as it stood, would not reportedly keep Hunter from being prosecuted in the future over other charges, according to Fox News. 

When the judge asked if there could be another charge against Hunter, not related to the tax misdemeanors, the prosecution answered affirmatively. Clark said that he did not agree with that and that is when the deal reportedly broke down. 

“As far as I’m concerned, the plea deal is null and void,” he said.