IDF Reveals Proof Of Hamas Armaments Stashed In Hospital

During a raid on al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on November 15, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) found guns, ammunition, and Hamas uniforms. IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus gave a tour of the Prince Naif facility for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology (also known as the hospital’s “MRI facility”). Conricus displayed two weapons discovered in a closet as well as bags containing an AK-47, ammo, grenades, and militant clothing as evidence of Hamas activities. The IDF has previously identified al-Shifa Hospital as the “primary center for Hamas’ terrorist operations” and said the discovery was the “tip of the iceberg.”

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus from the IDF filmed the evidence obtained in the Shifa Hospital. After showing what was found in the MRI room, Conricus proposes moving on to the next room after discovering a backpack with crucial information, including a laptop. The remaining supplies are standard hospital items like bandages and medical equipment. According to Conricus, Hamas is responsible for the presence of items in a hospital where such weapons have no business being.

Behind another MRI machine, there were more items like those seized in previous locations. A live grenade, ammo, a combat vest with Hamas insignia, boots, clothes, and a standard AK-47 are all discovered in a duffel bag belonging to a member of the Hamas military wing.

In the video, they decide to check the same medicine cabinet where they found the emergency bag with the insignia and the knife. According to Conricus, the contents of this bag include tactical radio communications, multiple CDs, and a computer that appears to hold damning information and belongs to Khatib al-Qassam, the military arm of Hamas.

In conclusion, Conricus is filming a single take of evidence discovered in the Shifa Hospital, showing that Hamas routinely uses hospitals for military activities in defiance of international law.