Ilhan Omar Walks Back Statement On Gaza Explosion

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar last Wednesday walked back her accusation of war crimes against Israel after multiple sources and US intelligence confirmed that the October 17 explosion outside of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City was caused by a misfired rocket in Gaza and not an Israeli airstrike.

Omar, along with her fellow “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib, quickly promoted Hamas propaganda claiming that the hospital was destroyed by an IDF airstrike and more than 500 Palestinian civilians were killed.

Omar quote-posted a report from the Associated Press repeating the Hamas claims and accused the Israeli Defense Forces of “bombing a hospital,” which she described as “among the gravest of war crimes.”

Within hours of the explosion, multiple videos and other evidence emerged that confirmed that the explosion was caused by a rocket fired from Gaza that fell short.

Rather than deleting her initial post accusing Israel, the following day, Omar added a thread to the post, explaining that her office took the Associated Press report at its word. She added that since that report, the IDF had “denied responsibility” and that the US government confirmed that the explosion was not due to an airstrike from Israel.

Omar attempted to explain her rush to judgment, saying that amid the “fog of war,” there is often information that is “unreliable and disputed.” She called for an “independent investigation” into the explosion to determine who committed “this war crime.”

Meanwhile, fellow Squad member Rashia Tliab who also falsely accused Israel of being behind the blast, has still refused to delete her false post or apologize for spreading disinformation.

Even after it was clear that the explosion was in the parking lot and not the hospital and was not caused by an IDF airstrike, Tlaib continued to promote the false story, even repeating it to a group of pro-Hamas protesters outside of the Capitol last Wednesday.