Illegal Immigrant From Venezuela Shoots Two Cops in Queens Chase

The problem of illegal migration continues to persist in the United States. Since the 2021 presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, it is estimated that over five and a half million illegal migrants have entered the country over a nearly three and a half year period. Biden rescinded many of his predecessor, the former 45th President Donald Trump’s immigration policies at the border and that decision has proven to be to the detriment of the national security and illegal immigration stability within the country. A recent article by the New York Post alleged that the federal immigration backlog will surpass eight million individuals by the fall of 2024, a staggering 167% increase in just 5 years. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has recently come under scrutiny, criticism, and oratory assault by Republican lawmakers for his handling of the border crisis, although he has yet to be impeached. 

While Mayorkas and Biden have continued to argue that the border is secure and that the crisis is overblown by conservatives attempting to make the issue a hot topic and motivator for voters during the closely contested 2024 election cycle, the problem remains a significant reality for many average Americans. Crime levels have increased across the country over the last several years, and in major urban centers like San Francisco and New York City this problem has been exacerbated due to illegal migration. One illegal migrant from Venezuela residing in New York City shot two police officers during a chase in Queens. The two officers had been investigating a previous pattern of consistent robbery and theft on motorbikes. 

Unfortunately, many illegal migrants commit serious crimes. Crossing the border alone in an illegal manner is a crime within itself, but once some individuals arrive in the country deadly actions are committed. In March 2024, a Mexican migrant drove while inebriated and killed a state trooper police officer in Washington State.