Intercepted Phone Calls Reveal Dire Situation For Russian Troops

Ukraine claims that more than a dozen phone conversations by Russian front-line soldiers have been intercepted since July, all lamenting significant casualties and a shortage of crucial supplies.

A report shows that Ukrainian security agencies have released 17 phone conversations allegedly showing Russian soldiers complaining about the fighting to their families. The contacts occurred about the same time as Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian soldiers began making advances.

The conversations provide insight into the mood of the Russian military, who have succeeded in attempting to halt Ukrainian counteroffensives in recent months.

After months of inaction, Ukraine fired its defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov. However, Ukrainian troops have scored the campaign’s first substantial victories this week, breaking past Russia’s initial barrier of defense in South Ukraine.

A report reveals that the recent failure of the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) has reportedly led Bundestag member Sarah Wagenknecht to say that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will be forced to negotiate with Russia.

The deputy declared as much in an interview with the September 10 issue of a German newspaper. She said that Zelensky has to be flexible. The frontline has barely moved despite the influx of armaments, and Ukraine is not succeeding militarily.

She said that Germany should mend fences with Russia since the country is bearing the brunt of the sanctions imposed on both countries.

Wagenknecht said the German economy is sinking, whereas the Russian economy has expanded by 1.5 percent this year.

According to comments made by departing Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov to state media, Ukraine is spending almost $100 million per day on the fight against Russia.
The former defense minister gave his first interview since being removed from office. In it, he sought to debunk accusations that he was involved in the rising corruption scandals surrounding the war effort.

Reznikov was asked how much of the cost of the war had been covered by public contributions since Russia’s invasion, and he said that just 3% had been covered, the rest having been covered by foreign financing and taxes. The ex-defense minister revealed that the government spends almost $100 million daily on the battle.