Internet On Fire Over Kitten With Grumpy-Looking Face

A video of a cute handicapped cat making an angry look has gone viral.

Tater Tot, a rescued kitty with a long road to recovery, has won the hearts of people all around the globe with his unkempt appearance and the casts for his front paws.

Ash Houghton’s dog discovered the orange kitten outside their Utah house when he was just a day old.

Houghton told a media outlet that malformations were apparent in all of his legs. His front legs were permanently bent at a right angle, and his hind ones were completely coiled.  He also has a cleft palate, which he was born with.

Now hundreds of cat lovers across the globe are following his adventures, making memes and art in his honor, and donating to his rescue group, Kitty CrusAIDE.

Casts and splints were applied to his front legs after a short period.  The right one was pink, and the left one was teal. 

Houghton, as with the many animals she has helped over the years, decided to document his recovery online.

At some point, a member of a Facebook group linked one of her photos and captioned it, saying it was a “Grompy” cat.   It has now exploded in popularity, with users posting photographs of their own rescued kittens with Tater Tot memes.

Tater Tot’s rear legs are now covered in bright yellow casts, and Houghton believes it will be some time before the kitten can be adopted out.

It will take about a year for him to finish all of the necessary medical treatments, including the one to repair his cleft palate. 

Unfortunately, this story has a sad ending. 

According to a report, Tater Tot won over his family with his lively personality and adorable antics. But gradually, his vitality dwindled, and he began to exhibit symptoms of illness. The vet concluded that Tater Tot had pneumonia and prescribed medication. Tater Tot’s health deteriorated despite their best attempts, and he passed away on August 2nd in Houghton’s hands.