Israel Claims Weapons Discovered In Top Hamas Hospital

The Israel Defense Forces, more commonly known as the IDF, released a video this week that shows that Hamas has been storing weapons and other military capabilities inside of al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza.

This week, the Israeli forces conducted a raid this week at the hospital, saying that the facility actually houses a huge Hamas operation.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus of the IDF toured the hospital as part of a video he posted to the social media platform X. In the video, he is seen pointing to piles of weapons that are purported to belong to Hamas and that were located inside the hospital as well as stored behind machines that are used for MRIs.

As he said in the video:

“A few of the most interesting things we have found, totally confirm without a doubt, that Hamas systematically uses hospitals in their military operations. What we have found I think is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Conricus added that the IDF found one laptop in a room where MRIs are conducted. That computer is purported to be used by officials within Hamas, and had intelligence information on it.

One image that was found on the laptop showed an Israeli hostage who the terrorist organization took captive, but who was rescued later.

In the few days before they announced that they had raided the hospital, IDF forces battled the militant groups near al-Shifa. The IDF said that the operation it was carrying out was both precise and targeted in the hospital, so as to avoid injuring or killing any civilians.

Israel has claimed that al-Shifa and other hospitals in Gaza City are being used by Hamas as command sites for their military. As a result of those actions, the IDF says those hospitals become lawful targets as part of the laws of war.

Of course, health officials with Palestine – which is controlled by Hamas – as well as top-ranking officials with Hamas, deny that this is the case.

On Facebook, the Palestinian Health Ministry posted:

“How can there be a control … center in the Al-Shifa Complex. It is observed by reconnaissance aircraft around the clock, as it did not witness any confrontation during the invasion of the occupation, which reveals the false American and Israeli narrative.”

Hamas has additionally accused Israel of arresting some people at the hospital who work as engineers whose job it is to ensure that the hospital is able to run. The terrorist organization has also said that troops with the IDF have vandalized different pieces of medical information.

On Tuesday, U.S. intelligence officials shared some declassified information right before the raid of al-Shifa that indicated that Hamas was operating within hospitals, including the one that the IDF ended up raiding.

At the same time, the U.S. has denied that it signed off on a single military operation that has been carried out by the IDF.