Jan 6 Protester Actively Hunted By Police

Gregory Yetman, a J6 attendant, was being sought by the FBI and local police in the woods near his New Jersey home.

Yetman had his house in Helmetta, New Jersey, searched by the FBI.

The FBI attempted to apprehend Yetman and issue him an arrest warrant for his alleged activities on January 6, 2021.

Helmetta Mayor Christopher Slavicek informed the media that Yetman escaped from his house when FBI agents and local police tried to serve an arrest order on him.

During the J6 riot, Yetman served as a military police sergeant with the New Jersey National Guard. A family member claims that he quit the National Guard when the Biden administration made COVID-19 injections mandatory.

As a result of an FBI tip, a news chopper equipped with cameras was sent to capture the operation.

Greg’s brother Todd told journalist Julie Kelly over the phone last Friday that Greg went outside, hesitated when he saw the firearms and bolted.

The Yetman’s whole property was searched by law enforcement. Todd explained that they went nuts, tore up the home, and everything strewn everywhere. Police used flashbangs to destroy his garage and shed, causing damage to vehicles and a boat.

Greg Yetman, who was interacting with the FBI for almost two years regarding his conduct that day, handed himself in on November 8 following two consecutive nights in the woods.

A can of pepper spray was found on the ground, and Greg is suspected of scooping it up and spraying it at Capitol police and demonstrators. Video, however, seems to indicate that when fights with police developed, Yetman tried to aid them rather than attack them. In an effort to reach demonstrators standing behind the police, Yetman sprayed the liquid over their heads.

After he finished using the DC police department’s canister, he tossed it to them.

According to a news source, the court has ruled that Yetman cannot be released from jail. According to informants, he will shortly be sent to the Washington, DC Gulag as he awaits trial.