Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be Called Beautiful Only, Without Referencing Her Age

If you want to be “friends” with Jennifer Aniston, you better not tell her she looks “good for her age.” According to the 54-year-old, that is a backhanded compliment that drives her “bananas.”

During an interview she gave to British Vogue, she revealed that hearing the phrase “You look great for your age” is something she cannot tolerate.

She said comparing people of different ages is cultural, but she doesn’t even know what it means. She claims she is in better shape than she was in her 20s and feels one hundred percent better.

Aniston said her family has a history of longevity and that this trait is essential to her. According to Aniston, her family tends to live to a ripe old age, and she doesn’t want just to survive; she wants to thrive.

In an interview with Yahoo Life from 2021, the actress reflected on how her self-care practices have evolved over the years and how, as she’s become older, she’s fully appreciated life’s little pleasures.

She believes people’s ages shouldn’t be listed next to their names.

However, putting aside her “age is meaningless” rhetoric, Aniston does promote a line of anti-aging powder that is sold through Costco. The powder has just been recalled.

Franklin-based company Vital Proteins has recalled thousands of cans of Collagen Peptides powder owing to possible contamination from cracked plastic lids.

The 24-ounce supplement canisters were supplied to Costco locations in 20 states and Puerto Rico, as stated in a voluntary recall notice submitted on the FDA website by Vital Proteins.

According to the warning, 59,701 containers were compromised.

In an April letter to customers, Costco asked anybody who had purchased the supplements to return them immediately for a full refund.

The Friends star has promoted the vitamin line since its debut in 2013.