Joe Biden Is Reportedly Considering Dropping Out

Biden recently turned 80. His propensity to trip and fall is well-documented; he famously did it on the stairs of the Air Force. On Monday, he looked weak when he saw King Charles at Buckingham Palace, latching onto the king’s arm to prop himself up. Biden also seemed unprepared for the questions since he seldom attends news conferences.

Former Reagan and Bush senior speechwriter Douglas MacKinnon has written an article about the possibility of Biden stepping down.

MacKinnon claims to have heard from a wide range of Democrats, including staunch Biden backers, who are uneasy about Joe Biden running for president in 2024.

He has thought for a very long time that Biden would not be the Democratic nominee in 2024, and while many will scoff at the notion, what if people like McKinnon are right? If this is the case, the writer asks when would be best for him to step aside.

MacKinnon says, “Immediately.”

He notes that after four years in office, Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for reelection. He withdrew from the race on March 31, 1968, just two weeks after Robert F. Kennedy launched his campaign and less than six months before Election Day.

MacKinnon observes that when Johnson dropped out of the campaign, his popularity had fallen to 38.7 percent, barely 3% higher than Biden’s at 41%.

MacKinnon draws parallels between Biden’s present predicament and Johnson’s late exit.

So far, Biden’s campaign has only hired 20 people and has no headquarters.

Although Biden’s plan saves money, it may not improve his dwindling popularity. Three journalists wrote an article headlined “Biden’s bargain-basement campaign strategy,” in which they discussed how Obama had acted rapidly by June prior in preparation for his matchup with Mitt Romney.

Biden is not seriously running for president, which is why he runs such a cheap campaign.